New Springs City Church is a New Springs UK church and part of the Elim Pentecostal Church Movement.

We are a group of people who are not perfect in anyway but love the Lord Jesus Christ and try and live the way Jesus would have.


Our mission statement is…

‘To be and to make authentic disciples of Jesus Christ.’

Our vision is twofold…

To be an effective biblical community of authentic believers who are committed to growing together in God in every way – becoming all that God intended us to be and achieving all that He has called us to do.

To create and build a Centre of Excellence designed and equipped to meet the spiritual, mental, physical, emotional and social needs of society.

A Centre reaching out to the lost and hurting known as Gospel City which will bring glory to God and have the reputation of being Christ-centred in all its endeavours.

Our primary aim is…

To move each person towards spiritual maturity, biblical community and full participation within the local church.                    

Our heart is…

To be Christ-centred in all things
To cultivate personal growth in Christ
To care about one another in Christ
To communicate Christ to our world.

Our focus is discipleship…

At New Springs we are determined to develop an atmosphere that is conducive to making disciples and promoting Christian service of all kinds.

Our prayer is…

That Jesus Christ is the centre and focus of all that we are and all that we do.
That under His Lordship we develop as a vibrant, growing church – a people who gather having a genuine love for God and who demonstrate the life of Christ to all people.
That we will carry a heart for the lost of our town, our nation and the world and will be committed to reaching them for Christ.
That we will be a people who are loving, gracious, accepting and forgiving.
That we will be a people who are full of faith and power who pray fervently, laugh joyously, feel compassionately, worship enthusiastically, give generously, go unswervingly, serve unselfishly, and live rightly being all that God has called us to be and doing all that He has called us to do.

At New Springs we have developed a philosophy of ministry and an ethos that is unique.

It is called the 10-20-30 model. See our beliefs page for more info.