Let me introduce myself. My name is Nathan and with my wife Jen we run New Springs City Church on Fulwell Road. We have 3 sons Finley, Reuben and Noah.

We are a church that is made up of a number of different people, of different ages and backgrounds, in fact people like you.

At New Springs we love people. Young, old, educated, uneducated, employed, unemployed, working, retired, black, white, singles, families, sinners, saints and everyone in between.

We are passionate about sharing love and hope with our community and the wider city, in a world that is sometimes unloving and hopeless.

At New Springs we love Jesus, Why? Because He has made a awesome difference in our lives and if you let him He wants to change your life too. But don’t take my word for it; come and visit us and find out for yourself.


Every Blessing

Pastor Nathan and Jen Weaver.